Perspective on relationships in our digital age—what she calls “slow love.” Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray Also, Helen was kind enough to blurb our book, so we'd be real dicks not to do the. Anatomy Of Love A Natural History Helen Fisher. Topics. Collection opensource. Language English. Identifier. In this revised and expanded edition of her study on the nature of love, lust, and relationships, anthropologist Fisher (Why Him? Why Her?).


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Most women divorce in their late 20s and early 30s.


If it's not good, it seems the majority of people will cut and run. The above is just a sampling of the data collected by Fisher and colleagues when they surveyed people on Match. Fisher also discussed some of the older findings such as: While some individuals in monogamous relationships can remain faithful, there is not one species who hasn't been caught cheating.

Birds were thought to be monogamous because they mate for life. While one poor sap sits anatomy of love e-books the egg doesn't matter if it's male or femalethe other bird flies out to find food.

They get back to the nest, and the parent who has been caring for the anatomy of love e-books the whole time is none the wiser. Some humans are very trustworthy and faithful, but as a species, humans cannot be called a monogamous species because so many "monogamous" people cheat.

Also, most humans have more than one sexual partner over a lifetime.

Thus, even if those individuals remain faithful in each relationship, they can only be said to be serial monogamists. For example, She discussed some solid evidence anatomy of love e-books the various systems that are activated in different groups of people when talking about a potential love.

Some people's serotonin systems activate while others have more active dopamine systems. What a super research question. This is an example of what could have made this a 5 star book. But, sadly Fisher quickly, and often! She pretended that she was in possession of studies showing causal or even a correlation!!!

She went through a list of people who she anatomy of love e-books might have more estrogen or testosterone and made up stupid, unscientific stories about what that meant about them as lovers.

anatomy of love e-books It was absolutely absurd and should be a huge red flag to everyone. She should not be called a scientist and definitely not an "expert. The data she presents about love and the brain is crazy good.

Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray

Instead of writing a book about what she knows from solid evidence gained from good methodologyshe makes wild assumptions about our evolutionary past and our behaviors today that are not supported by the evidence she has gathered.

Why do so many evolutionary psych people reach way beyond what the data tell them? They give science a anatomy of love e-books name. Worse yet, it's the evolutionary psych people who "help" scientists fight against absurd creationist attacks.

Please, don't "help" us anymore. In reality, when you compromise science in this way, you help the creationists, not the scientists.

The Anatomy Of Love

If a researcher concocts what Stephen Jay Gould calls a "just so story" and another researcher can concoct an equally plausible just so story as well, then they are likely missing something at best and completely wrong at worst. It's irresponsible and serves as a prescription to society.

If Helen Fisher the 'expert" states that her sexy neuroscience proves that women are emotional, not good at math yes she said that! Guess anatomy of love e-books missed the cross culture studiesand all the other oppressive bullshit women have been fed over the years, then society will keep these ridiculous notions around longer.