About Anne's House of Dreams. Gilbert Blythe is finally a doctor, and at long last he and Anne are ready to say their vows. Soon husband and wife will be bound. Anne's House of Dreams has ratings and reviews. CS said: I originally read the entire Anne series when I was In fact, the Anne books wer. Anne's House of Dreams is a novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. It was first published in by McClelland, Goodchild and Stewart. The novel  Publisher‎: ‎McClelland, Goodchild and Stewart.


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Leslie becomes friends with Anne, but is sometimes bitter towards her because she is so happy and free, when Leslie can never have what Anne does.

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Anne's former guardian Marilla visits her occasionally and still plays an important role in her life. Marilla is present when Anne gives birth to her first anne house of dreams, Joyce, who dies shortly after birth as Montgomery's second son did.

After the baby's death, Anne and Leslie become closer as Leslie feels that Anne now understands tragedy and pain—as Leslie puts it, her happiness, although still great, is no longer perfect, so there is less of a gulf between them.


Later in the story, Leslie rents a room in her house to a writer anne house of dreams Owen Ford, who is the grandson of the former owners of Anne's House of Dreams, the Selwyns. Owen, who is looking to write the Great Canadian Novel, finds the inspiration he was looking for in Captain Jim's shipboard diary, and transforms it into "The Life-Book of Captain Jim".

While Owen is finishing the novel, he and Leslie independently realize they have feelings for each other, but both know they cannot do anything about them.

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Owen leaves the Island and Leslie is even more miserable being trapped in her marriage to Dick. Gilbert examines Dick Moore and suspects that if Dick underwent surgery on his skull, he might recover his faculties. Anne and Miss Cornelia are both opposed to the surgery, fearing anne house of dreams Leslie's life will become infinitely harder if Dick returns to himself, but Gilbert feels obligated to let Leslie know there is a chance for Dick.

Leslie consents, and Dick undergoes the surgery in Montreal; when he awakens, he reveals that he is actually Dick's cousin George, who accompanied Dick to Cuba and was with him when Dick died of yellow fever twelve years before.

George anne house of dreams Dick strongly because their fathers were brothers and their mothers were sisters, and both had the same peculiar eye coloring abnormality heterochromia by which Captain Jim recognized "Dick" in Cuba years before. Leslie, abruptly set free by this news, returns home, and considers taking a nursing course to get on with her life.

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Owen Ford returns to the Island to court Leslie after Miss Cornelia informs him of what has happened, and they become engaged. While this is going on, Anne gives birth to her second child, a healthy son. At the end of the book, Owen Ford's book is published, and Captain Jim dies with a smile on his face after reading his advance copy.

Miss Cornelia, thought to be a confirmed spinster, announces that she has decided to marry Marshall Elliott, who may be a Grit but at least is a Presbyterian; she says she could have had him at any time but refused to marry him until he shaved his beard off, which he had refused to do for twenty years until the Grits came into power.

Anne house of dreams is greatly saddened to leave the House of Dreams, but knows that the little house is outgrown and Gilbert's work as a doctor requires him to live closer to town. This book introduces Susan Baker, the elderly spinster who is the Blythes' maid-of-all-work.

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She marries Gilbert and moves in with him at the house of dreams. Of course, a new life brings fresh surprises and fresh problems to solve. Anne and Gilbert soon find themselves entangled in the lives of their neighbors, including the lighthouse attendant, Captain Jim, with his sad stories of the sea; Miss Cornelia Bryant, a anne house of dreams woman who always speaks her mind; Owen Ford, who longs to write the Great Canadian Novel; and the tragically beautiful Leslie Moore, to whom Anne grows closer when her own perfect life is touched by heartbreak.

Soon the happy couple will be bound for a new life together and their own dream house, on the misty purple shores of Four Winds Harbor.