Hey Reddit, a few weeks ago I bought a Blank Slate. The plywood board comes with 17 pre-installed T-nuts for standard climbing of buying a Blank Slate Climbing training board. SNEWS highlights some new exhibitors that attended the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show. Check out Blank Slate Climbing's. Andrew reviews the Blank Slate. As somebody that's away from home a lot, the Blank Slate sparked my interest. Climbers are very obsessed.


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Hangboards and holds sold separately. Now there is no excuse not to have a hangboard in your house.


Foam padding and felt prevent door trim damage Climbing hold hex tool and holder included Dimensions: I even had some heavier coworkers play around on it, and despite blank slate climbing a bit of movement, the frame remained unscathed.

My one complaint is that some of the trim we tested this on had some light damage see photo below. This seems to be related to the type of trim you have.

CLIMBING HOLD REVIEW: Review > Blank Slate Climbing > Blank Slate

The damaged trim was MDF, as opposed to wood, which has never been damaged. The damage that was done was definitely not severe enough to require replacement, if anything just a quick sand and touch-up paint. The hangboard and climbing holds are sold separately, but they also came from Blank Slate.

The way the board works is blank slate climbing force of the climber pulling down torques the board into the wall above the door trim and keeps it in place.

It's a shame that most peoples door frames aren't like ours here at CHR Thankfully it's simple to put together so we had no problems Well here we have a problem as we've been campussing from one board to blank slate climbing other: Now we've had no problems doing what we've been doing BUT there was an instance where I Jeremy was static hanging from the board on one side only and we heard a very loud crack.

Blank Slate Climbing Board Review – Outdoor Gear TV

What that was was our back bolts sliding a little from having four people bounce around on the board like lunatics for an hour, needless to say I dropped the floor pretty damn quickly and then took the Blank Slate down and re tightened the bolts so they were really really tight, since then there hasn't been a problem Yeah right: The Blank Slate and Use: Here is where we fall into the real meat of the review, there's good and bad and there have been lots of comments from the people that have used this board over the last week The Blank Slate is great, there's no doubting that but there are some issues that we can see.

No matter how you set the board up and no matter how tight you put everything together this product relies upon your door trims being pretty solid Because the board when in use pulls against the wall ABOVE the door frame and not no much on the frame itself, so the load is distributed across the frame above the door and a little on the trim itself.

The Blank Slate does blank slate climbing slightly when in use. It's not much but there is some flex, we've had people from lbs to lbs on the board and it does move. Now this is when were were going from board to board so after seeing the warnings we did the same test with just hanging and pull ups, our board is totally vertical and there is still some flex.


It's not bad and it is something that you'll have to get used to. When you put a climbing hold onto the board you have to use or it is suggested to stop spinners washers so they are locked to the board.

No real problems there, but it does become a pain in the ass over time as if you rotate the holds you use from one set to another then you need blank slate climbing get more washers.

Homemade Blank Slate Trainer

Blank Slate will send you more washers, we checked so you can avoid that pesky trip to the hardware store The holds we don't have them aren't mirror images blank slate climbing each other.

Look at the hard set, the pockets are the same, what happens if you want to do pull ups?

You'll be pulling up on the same pockets Why blank slate climbing hells name don't BSC use a system set of holds rather than just a random selection?? Revolution Climbing actually make system holds and they have holds that are no biased or left right biased so they should have used them instead