This series was originally referred to as a trilogy, but has eventually been extended to a 5-book series. This is an epic story and is designed to be r ‎The Burning White · ‎The Black Prism · ‎The Blinding Knife · ‎The Broken Eye. Blood Mirror was definitely fun to read. i mean, the humor quotient and pace of the story was the best in the series so far. but i still can't see what the end game of. The first book in the Lightbringer series, the blockbuster fantasy epic from New York Times bestselling author Brent Weeks. Guile is the Prism, the most powerful man in the world. He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace.


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Background[ edit ] The Black Prism is set in a pre-industrial fantasy milieu, albeit more advanced than most, with gunpowder weapons and widespread use of simple machines such as pulleys and gears.

The story takes place in The Seven Satrapies, 7 semi-autonomous countries, surrounding a large sea; each satrapy is ruled by a 'satrap'. Satrapies have considerable independence, but are under the loose control brent weeks lightbringer series a federalist central government; the Chromeria.

The Chromeria is also the seat of education and regulation for the color magic on which the series is based.

Brent Weeks

The ruling council consists of seven "colors", who are essentially representatives from each satrapy, The White, and the Prism. The series is based around the magical principle of chromaturgy, in which light is harnessed to create 'Luxin'.

The Prism, apart from being able to use magic of every color, must also be able brent weeks lightbringer series "split light", allowing them to use magic more efficiently than normal magicians. A normal magician is called a 'drafter', a drafter may draft until enough Luxin residue builds up in the drafter's brent weeks lightbringer series to break into the white of the eye, otherwise known as 'breaking the halo'.

At this point they attempt to incorporate luxin into their own bodies.


Creatures such as brent weeks lightbringer series are referred to as wights, and are terminated with extreme prejudice by the Chromeria, often via the Prism.

A Prism represents the god Orholam, who it is believed bestows magical power onto his chosen.

The Burning White (Lightbringer #5) by Brent Weeks

A Prism's abilities, ceremonial authority, status and Chromeria-sponsored protection allow him a great deal of personal agency; however, he has the least official governing power in peace time, this role falls to the 'white' a non-drafting ruler who decides on most of the Chromeria's political policy.

Prisms typically die or start to lose their colors after their 7th, 14th, or 21st year of serving. Only one person a generation is meant to be a 'full-spectrum light-splitter'; however, the two Guile brothers, Gavin and Dazen, demonstrate the same abilities. Gavin, the elder brother, was groomed to be Prism from a young age by Brent weeks lightbringer series Guile, their father and spectrum color.

After Dazen burns down the powerful Whiteoak family house with several women and children inside, he is sought by the Chromeria.

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The Chromeria's enemies quickly make common cause with him, and the resultant war is brief but bloody. Tyrea was devastated, with almost all the men killed and its fertile farmland destroyed.


Plot[ edit ] Sixteen years after the war, the Prism receives a note from a woman claiming to be "Lina," instructing him to meet his now year-old son across the world in Tyrea. He had not known of his son's existence until this point.

This child was conceived while Gavin was betrothed to Karris White Oak, a member of his Brent weeks lightbringer series, the most elite military force in the world.

She gives Karris a note concerning Gavin's unfaithfulness, to be read after brent weeks lightbringer series the Chromeria. Gavin is sent somewhere else to keep the two separated, but instead chooses to bring Karris to Garriston himself before she can read the note, using a mode of transportation no one else even believes possible: This allows them to enter Tyrea in hours, rather than the month or so expected otherwise.

As they draw closer, Karris sees smoke, and directs them to the former town of Rekton, which has been burned to the ground by Tyrean soldiers.

They are just in time to save a teenager from being executed, killing several of the Satrap's personal bodyguards in the process. Gavin is then confronted by the irate Satrap himself, who calls himself King Garadul and his Satrapi a true independent nation. The town was burned on his order, as an example, due to their refusal to pay levies.

Tyreans are treated with little respect outside of Tyrea and have no true color on the spectrum. Garriston, the country's only port, is under a rotating occupation from the other Satrapies.

King Garadul plans to continue the march of his brent weeks lightbringer series conscripted army to Garriston and seize it, and from there, break the Chromeria's rule over the world.


The child is revealed to be Gavin's son, Kip. Following some debate, heated words, death threats and magic missiles, Kip and the Prism are allowed to leave together.