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I have experience researching the problem of alcohol consumption among youth, its risk factors and consequences, and the design of actions to prevent alcohol consumption among young people, with a special emphasis on the phenomenon of the binge drinking. Secondly, based on strategies that have been implemented, it aims to build a set of best practices for the prevention of alcohol celotipia alcoholica among young people, highlighting the acquired progress and remaining challenges in intervention.


During a considerable part of the year, favorable celotipia alcoholica conditions allow social encounters on the street. Therefore, there are numerous opportunities for recreation and leisure in open spaces. On the other hand, Spain has a long tradition in alcohol powered by its wine culture.

These scenes of celebration involving alcohol are amplified by the media, for example, when reproducing scenes of athletes or artists celebrating their successes with alcohol, even to alcohol poisoning.

AA Un Dia A La Vez

There is a shared social belief celotipia alcoholica drinking alcohol is the best way to have fun. This makes it difficult to resist social pressure when it is common that almost everyone drinks to have fun.

It should be added that the current profiles of young drinkers in Spain have evolved over the decades. Currently, we see a greater presence of poly-drug substance use, that is, alcohol with cannabis, cocaine, tranquilizers, methamphetamines.

There also is an increasing prevalence of girls drinking.

Binge consumption of alcohol usually begins at an early age. In this work, however, it is noted that alcohol, being the most prevalent drug, represents the gateway to use of other substances.

Binge drinking usually is characterized by the following: It occurs in a range of young people usually from late puberty to early adulthood. The greatest consumption is recorded during Thursday, Celotipia alcoholica, and Saturday nights. Celotipia alcoholica consumption is high level.

ALCOHOL by Anyeline Vizcaino Carbonell on Prezi

Celotipia alcoholica often is consumed in large spaces, squares, or on the street. As for the impact on individual health, it should be noted that because brain maturation has been in most cases incomplete, binge alcohol consumption has devastating effects on neuronal development, especially in the frontal regions of the cortex as these are the last to mature.

Because the regions involved are those that control metacognitive processes such as reflective decision making and planning strategies to solve problems, the effects of binge alcohol consumption can cause problems later in impulse control, personality, and learning.

Other negative consequences for individual health may be related to the digestive tract or injuries resulting from accidents in celotipia alcoholica alcohol has been involved. Goals The outcome of this research is intended to be a set of best practices to intervene at different levels in the prevention of alcohol abuse and thus to reduce the prevalence of damage to individual health and in particular the maturational development of youth, as well as the social losses resulting from this phenomenon.

Consumo abusivo de alcohol en adolescentes. Discurso para la Brain Disorders Conference

Process A mixed quantitative and qualitative procedure has resulted in a synthesis of previous experiences related to research and implementation of actions to prevent problems with alcohol and other substances. These research experiences, registered over the years in a field notebook, include key informant interviews, celotipia alcoholica opinion, and a systematic review of addiction prevention programs carried out recently in Spain.

Results From an overall perspective, the first thing to highlight is the importance of coordinating preventive actions at different levels, that is, political, family and educational, and social.

On the political level, there must be a legal opinion that comes from the administrations that combine control and educational policies and at the same time ensures that the resources and means necessary for healthy policies celotipia alcoholica executed.

The family and educational level should be achieved through awareness and involvement of all in the task of educating and promoting healthy behaviors. Currently, there is a rift between family and school that does not benefit our youth. We must build bridges of communication among one another.

This will facilitate early detection of drinking problems.