Dragon Harper has ratings and reviews. Edward said: Dragon Harper Todd McCafferyStale characters running through a cardboard plot. Sadly this. Dragon Harper Written by Anne McCaffrey and Todd J. McCaffrey. Dragon Harper Category: Fiction - Science Fiction - Space Opera; Fiction - Science Fiction. Life in the Harper Hall is busy for best friends Kindan, Nonala, and Kelsa. As the only female apprentices, Nonala and Kelsa are the butt of jokes and easy.


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Dragon Harper is the story of Kindan, a boy from a mining community who, in a previous book has become admitted to Harper Hall. Clueless masters seem to dragon harper the place and permit the two to fight an actual duel. Equally improbable, the bully goes on to become a dragon harper friend. I fought a bully once and got respect, but friendship from such a person was neither wanted nor forthcoming.

Dragon Harper

Kindan is dragon harper at Harper Hall when once again a plague devastates Pern. One wonders why there are such plagues on Pern. The colonists who were originally sent out would have dragon harper healthy and not brought such organisms with them in their bodies or their animals.

Well perhaps something fell somewhere as Woody Allen liked to say. Improbabilities pile up in this book.

Dragon Harper (Pern): Anne McCaffrey, Todd J. McCaffrey: : Books

In the province of Fort Hold, with a population of around 10, the sole healer dies of plague. It falls to Kindan to replace him, dragon harper there are no other medical personnel.


You would think that this would have been handled at higher level with greater assets. Afterwards, M'tal comes to take them back to Fort Hold, which they find dragon harper waving a quarantine flag.

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At the Harper Hall, J'trel stops them from entering, and drops them a drum so that they can contact those inside. After Kindan makes contact with the ill Murenny - who notes Kindan and Koriana have probably escaped infection - M'tal sends Koriana - who secretly hugs Kindan - to Fort Hold before returning to Benden Weyr, since they can do nothing to help - J'trel suggests dropping food, but since it's winter, there won't be any, and they note that untended livestock will also starve.

Kindan and Vaxoram enter the Harper Hall, where Master Archivist Resler - the senior harper, since all those above him are either sick, absent or dead - sends them to aid Masterhealer Lennerwho sends them to the Dragon harper to find more information. They do, Kindan sending Vaxoram to get glows to light the dark room - Vaxoram finds all the glows are being used, so he returns with a torch - before discovering a strange poemwhich he looks over.

Vaxoram thinks it's a nonsense poem, and pulls it away, only for Kindan to try and grab it from him, causing him to drop the torch and set fire to the Archives. They rush to get help, and the fires are soon put out; however, many Dragon harper are destroyed in the process - including the strange poem.

In anger, Resler banishes Kindan from the Harper Hall.


Vaxoram accompanies him to the stricken Fort Hold - stating that the fire was his fault, although they agree that they were both responsible - where they offer their services to Master Kilti dragon harper, Fort Hold's healer, who strikes Kindan when he discovers the reason he's come, although promptly apologises, noting he can make up for his mistake by helping: Kindan and Vaxoram end up tending the ill - and removing the bodies of the dead.

Kindan eventually notes they could use moodstone - a flaky crystal that changes colour - to measure the temperature of the ill, and he sends word to Benden Weyr - via Valla - requesting supplies.

After Kindan answers a drum message from Kelsa - dragon harper Murenny is dead and all the Masters are sick - Koriana calls him to help her with Bemin; Lady Sannora has just died - Semin and Bannor are also dead, having died some time earlier. Kindan gets through to him when he finds the sickly Fiona - Bemin's youngest child - in a nearby cot, and Bemin gets him to promise he'll save her.

The next day, dragonriders arrive and use parachutes to drop bottles of "moodpaste" for the holders to use.

As time goes on, Vaxoram contracts the sickness, and Kindan eventually finds him on the floor, under a corpse. Although Kindan and Koriana manage to shift him to a cot, Kindan falls ill not long after arrangements are made to dig a mass grave in Fort Hold's ancestor garden.

Three days later when he recovers, he finds Kilti dragon harper died - making him healer by default - and Koriana has also fallen ill.

Dragon Harper (Pern, #20) by Anne McCaffrey

Kindan returns to his duties, and eventually comes up with the idea of facial masks to prevent the spread of disease - inspired by a dream during his dragon harper where one of the parachutes wrapped itself around his face - and sends word to Benden Weyr requesting them.

After Valla fails to return the next morning, Kindan contacts J'trel at the Harper Hall, finding that Valla is at Benden Weyr, but also learning that the Harper Hall has run out of food - a similar problem is happening at Fort Hold, whose stores are too large to be shifted by any less than ten people - and all the Masters are dead.

The next day, Kindan realises Vaxoram is dying. Vaxoram reveals he was in love with Nonala, and notes that if he'd been made Journeyman he might have had a chance with her. In response, Kindan gets a table pulled out, and gets Bemin to help him aid Vaxoram in "walking the tables" and thus becoming Journeyman, which he succeeds in doing before dying.