There are some gym rules and regulations that all gym goers should follow to keep the gym a fun and friendly place. Learn what they are here. Rules and regulations gym. Valid gym membership. Bring your membership card with you to scan at the front desk, get through entrance gates at the changing rooms and Gym, and to use an elecronic locker. Proper sports wear. Use a towel. Bring a water bottle. Changing area. Bags and personal belongings. Safe training. Hone Gym Rules & Regulations. Must be Read & Understood before entering Hone gym for the 1st time. Members must use their unique security Pin Number on.


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Sweat hogs Wipe benches off if you sweat all over them.

Gym Rules and Regulations: How to Follow Proper Gym Etiquette

It's even better to put down a towel before you use the bench. No Swearing This is a very common sense rule. Profanity can be offensive to others. If you have to scream in the middle of a tough set, make it unintelligible. No Smoking If your gym doesn't have ashtrays on the stair-machines, chances are it doesn't allow smoking in the gym area.

If you need to smoke, go to gym rules and regulations designated smoking area.

The Unwritten Rules of the Gym The unwritten code of the gym is often a mystery to the inexperienced trainer, though advanced trainers have been known to experience lapses.

If you have ever wondered what the unwritten code of the gym is, you have come to the right place. They are many gym rules and regulations not always what you'd expect.


Talking during a set Do not talk to someone in the middle of a set. This is very distracting and they are probably not listening to you anyway. All users should wear appropriate apparel and footwear to comply with the requirements of the Gymnasium, otherwise the access to and use of such facilities will be refused.

The Gymnasium is for the entry and use gym rules and regulations persons of the age of 16 or above only. Persons under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to use the gym.

Fitness Centre Rules / Gym Rules and Regulations Sample - Hotels | Resorts

Presence in the Gym rules and regulations area is those limited using to the equipment. People who are not making use of the gym are not allowed in the area. Put Away Your Equipment A common gym rule that people should follow, and unfortunately do not, is to put away all the equipment that you use.

It is just courtesy to help contribute and keep the gym neat and tidy and put things back where they belong.

12 Rules of Gym Etiquette

When it comes to putting away your equipment, also make sure that it is in the right order. For example, if you are using dumbbells, put the 20kg where it gym rules and regulations be, and not where the 5kg dumbbells are.

Use Deodorant Speaking of hygiene, it is best to come prepared with the gym and use deodorant. This point is pretty self-explanatory, but it is well worth mentioning on this list and will be beneficial to both you and your fellow gym goers.

For the sake of other gym members, gym rules and regulations them.

The Rules of the Gym

This way, you are not leaving your personal belongings out on the floor, taking up room. If you forgot to bring a towel, you can and will be asked to rent one at the front desk.

Bring a water bottle Stay hydrated during your training and fill your bottles at our water tap in the gym. Usage of cups or non-sealable drinks is not allowed.

Changing area We have designated areas for clothing and shoe changes. Please do not use the gym as your personal changing area.