Husein Alatas (lahir di Jakarta, 5 Juli ; umur 29 tahun) adalah seorang penyanyi Indonesia. Husein mengikuti audisi Indonesian Idol musim kedelapan pada tahun dan berhasil lolos ke Babak, Tema, Lagu, Penyanyi asli, lain‎: ‎Husein Idol. Pak Habib S.H Al-Attas. likes · talking about this. : lagu ‎| ‎Must include: ‎lagu. Lyrics for Afdholun Nabi by Husein Alatas & Dewi. Muhammadun basarullakal basar bal huwa kalyakuti bainal hajar Muhammad adalah.


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This rally degenerated into a riot with at least people killed other estimates put the death toll substantially higher.

As a result, a state of emergency was declared, and Parliament was suspended; it did not reconvene until Academic and public career[ edit ] Syed Hussein's academic career began at the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka publishing house, where he worked as head of the research department from onwards.

He began lecturing part-time in philosophy at the University of Malaya inand served as the Head of the Lagu hussein al attas Division at the University's Department of Malay Studies from to He was appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malaya inbefore becoming a professor at the Centre for General Studies in the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in He later transferred to lagu hussein al attas Department of Anthropology and Sociology inbefore becoming principal research fellow at the Institute of the Malay World and Civilisation of the same university in His research eventually produced The Myth of the Lazy Nativea book which was published in In the book, he cited one instance of a "denigrating" view of the natives, when a German scientist suggested that the Filipinos made their oars from bamboo so they could rest more frequently: He also asserted that "[t]he image of the indolent, dull, backward and treacherous native has changed into that of a dependent one requiring assistance to climb the ladder of progress" [8]especially with publications like the Revolusi Mental Mental Revolution by UMNO that succumbed to the language of colonial capitalism.

According to Bruno Fernandes, Alatas was a "sociologist, philosopher, academic and policy analyst" who "worked out a critical and reflexive work from the point of view of the ex-colonized countries", and while Alatas was and is today well "known in the Malayan intellectual world Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines — and by a "broad Malayan intellectual Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines community", he is "broadly ignored elsewhere….

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Al-Attas, who is not charged with participating in or having advance knowledge of the Sept. Al-Attas' lawyer said he would testify if requested.

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Moussaoui attempted to plead guilty last Thursday to conspiring in the Sept. Eisemann told reporters that Moussaoui's attempt to plead guilty had no impact on his client's admissions.


He said that plea negotiations had been under way for several months. District Judge Michael Mukasey set Sept.

Prosecutors said in plea agreement papers that lagu hussein al attas federal sentencing guidelines recommend zero to six months prison time. Al-Attas has been in custody since September Eisemann told reporters his client had met Moussaoui at a mosque in Norman, Oklahoma, where Moussaoui was lagu hussein al attas flight school.

He said al-Attas, who was an engineering student at the University of Oklahoma, had shared an apartment with Moussaoui and at least one other person for several weeks.

The lawyer said that Moussaoui had told al-Attas he was going to flight school because his uncle was in the aviation industry.