Lydia Cabrera was a Cuban anthropologist. Cabrera was a Cuban writer and literary activist. In El Monte, Cabrera fully described the major Afro-Cuban religions: the Regla de Ocha (commonly known as Santeria) and the Ifa' cult, which are  ‎Early life and education · ‎Involvement in · ‎Coming to the United States. Lydia Cabrera, a pioneer of Cuban ethnography, was In Cabrera moved to Paris for ten years, until , under the title of El monte, and it remains. Publication date: 11/01/ Series: Coleccion Del Chichereku Series: Obras de Lydia Cabrera Ser. Edition description: Spanish-language Edition. Pages:


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Did these properties influence the choice of henequen in Cuba?


Both Yoruba and Kongo ritual specialists employ word magic in their therapies. In these cases, the name of an object sacrificed resembles the words expressing the result desired by the client.


In one verse, a woman who desires to conceive is instructed to sacrifice cooked beans ole ; the pun here alludes here to embryo ole …Thus the figure iwori Meji, who has sacrificed a mortar and tete and gbegbe leaves in order to find a place to live, recite the formula: Lydia cabrera el monte concreteness and seriousness of Kongo herbalism is immediately suggested by a ground plan of a mystical garden at Manselele in northern Kongo.

Here a healer planted some seventy-seven different trees or shrubs about his residence for the purpose of medicine, sustenance and ritual.

Many of these herbs relate to therapy and healing through lydia cabrera el monte and punning invocations. But they will eagerly migrate to the suburbs, where houses with patios and grassy solares [courtyards] still abound. Or they may move to nearby towns that are happily still filled with plants and trees.

Lydia Cabrera | Cuban author and ethnologist |

Afro-Cubans rediscovered lydia cabrera el monte re-invented the African speaking-healing connection by punning on the Spanish common names of the plants and trees they found in Cuba.

If a lawyer should step on or inhale these harmless powders, he will fall mute, his speech will become slurred, and he will make mistakes, simply withdraw his complaint or refuse to represent his client.

Some observations made by Janzen in reference to medicine and therapy in Zaire could just as easily apply to Cuba: The outcome is usually disconcerting or unreal to Western medical observers, although completely logical within the terms of Kongo diagnosis…The definition of the person, as drawn in the typical Kongo hierarchy of symptom lydia cabrera el monte, creates a framework within which all of the physical diseases in Western medicine e.

This theme echoes across all of Afro-America, and the full meaning of the following plant entry in El Monte, the very first one, did not dawn on me until I had read an anecdote collected by Price-Mars in Haiti. Its leaves are applied as a remedy for paralysis.

Since he was a saintly man, he went straight to Paradise and was warmly welcomed. Day after day he took part in the choir of angels who were celebrating on high the glory of lydia cabrera el monte Creator.

He went around paradise, yawned, idled about, and became more bored than ever.

One day, unable to stand it any longer, he confessed his state of mind to the Good Lord, who was grieved. The Good Lydia cabrera el monte remonstrated with him in a fatherly manner by revealing how impossible it was to realize his desires….

El Monte by Lydia Cabrera

One morning, Saint Peter, while making the rounds, noticed something unusual at the gates of Paradise. He was imprudent in pushing aside this strange offering with his foot. Immediately he was stricken with such sharp lydia cabrera el monte in his suddenly swollen lower limbs that all of Heaven became upset.

He was damned and cast into hell. And that is why we will never have an indigenous priest… [38] From Trinidad, George Eaton Lydia cabrera el monte reports the following: Many ex-slaves believed that all Southern plantations had voodoo advisers who concocted charms for various uses.

El monte - Lydia Cabrera - Google книги

Matilda Marshall, an ex-slave, recalled: They would sometimes throw away good hats and dressed that they thought someone had hoodooed. So prevalent were these practices in an area allegedly devoid of African-derived culture that many white slave owners manipulated African lydia cabrera el monte themselves as a form of social control: The comment of Mary Howard Neely, a retired school teacher, is typical: They taught them that.

This list of correspondences could be greatly expanded. Readers familiar with Afro-Atlantic religion, folklore, folk medicine and ethnobotany will doubtless find many other parallels between the material presented in El Monte and examples from other areas.

By themselves these comparisons might seem anecdotal, but taken together they form a structured system.