Mansur al-Hallaj was accused for blasphemy in Baghdad (he was originally an Iranian poet). He was a Sufi and he started advertising his beliefs and gained  Are we more civilized today to recognize and love Jesus Christ. Mansur al-Hallaj c. – 26 March ) (Hijri c. AH – AH) was a Persian mystic, poet and teacher of Sufism. He is best known for his saying: "I am the  Religion‎: ‎Islam. Al Halláj was a legendary Iranian Sufi master who lived in between - AD. Al Hallaj was one of . The Tawasin of Mansur Al-Hallaj · Read further on Al.


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He said, "Who are you?


Mysticism and Philosophical Analysis by Steven T. My eye and God's eye is one eye, and one sightand one knowledgeand one love. As quoted in Sufism: In Al-Akhbar al-Hallaj there are many stories mansur al hallaj give a good idea about his life in Baghdad, both before and after he returned from his long second journey to the East.

He is said to have taught the people mansur al hallaj called them to Allah with intense love and asceticism. When someone asked him about the Unity of Allah at-tawhidhe answered him: Otherwise, my brother, I myself have nothing to do with affirming Allah's Unity.

In his presence he was in fact always affirming Allah's Unity, but in his heart he knew that no matter to how many different places he travelled to bring the people to Allah, still his witnessing would not be completed.

So it was that, moved by this burning desire which he saw could not be fulfilled except in the total destruction of his very existence, he broke his discipline of silence, and tore aside the Veil to reveal the hidden Secret. Thus his need and longing to eliminate the I am between himself and his Beloved God took on a more open form.

His fellow ecstatics and companions, ash-Shibli, an-Nuri or Bayazid al-Bistami, although they did not always keep silent, managed, nevertheless, to stay away from the anger and the stones of the people.

Ash-Shibli said, "Al-Hallaj and I are of one love and one belief, but my madness saved me, mansur al hallaj his intelligence destroyed him.

mansur al hallaj

Mansur Al-Hallaj

One mansur al hallaj I went to see my Master al-Hallaj at a house belonging to him; and I arrived at a moment when he was in a state of absence. But Your Absence does not continue, and Your Presence does not suffice.

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War with You does not succeed, and peace with You is not secure. When he sensed that I was there he sat upright and said, "Come in, and do not be afraid! Then he said, "My son, some people mansur al hallaj against me that I am an unbeliever, and some of them testify to my saintliness wilaya.

Almançor Alhalaje

Those who testify that I am an unbeliever are dearer to me, and to Allah than those who testify to my saintliness. He who zealously defends his religion is dearer to Allah than he who has a good mansur al hallaj of anyone.

That will be the happiest day of all the days of my life. When he had finished, he turned to Ibn Fatik laughing and said, "Do you not see that I pray mansur al hallaj try to please Him?

But he who thinks that he has pleased Him has put a price on His Pleasure.

Mansur Al-Hallaj - Wikiquote

The Prophet, may prayers and peace be upon him, had said, "Submission is public, and belief is in the heart. When reverence taqwa is combined with knowledge, then the state of total surrender istinya or intention to the Qur'an becomes possible.

Whoever knows the Qur'an, for him it is as though he were in the Resurrection. He said, "He who looks for Allah by the light of faith is like he who seeks the sun mansur al hallaj the light of the stars. But these intermediaries, or mediums, are eclipsed isqat al-wasa'it as soon as the realities are tasted, so that they remain afterwards only in an outward form rasm for those who need the outward form.

Almançor Alhalaje – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

He said, "In none but Him can two opposite attributes be merged together. He, Allah, is not thereby in contradiction, for knowledge is concealed by ignorance, mansur al hallaj He, Allah, is the meeting-place of both the Unity and the Ignorance.

He said, "Faith and unbelief are different only in name, because mansur al hallaj the Reality there is no belief and no unbelief. The place where they meet is the place where they are dissolved in the Essence Itself, the Reality, al-Haqiqa.