Visit 's Margherita Guarducci Page and shop for all Margherita Guarducci books. by Margherita Guarducci and Michael J Miller. $ Add to Cart. The Tomb of St. Peter (The New Discoveries in the Sacred Grottoes of the Vatican). Margherita Guarducci. from: $ Top of Page. When Pope Francis cradled the small box said to contain nine bone fragments believed to be the mortal remains of St. Peter, the first pope, he fanned the flames.


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Is it going too far to attribute this odious group with causing such threatening vengeance to fall on the Christians? Margherita Guarducci margherita guarducci retraces the chronology of these events.

Then came the initial relief work and the first steps towards restoring Rome. margherita guarducci

The Tomb of St. Peter by Margherita Guarducci

Numerous sacrifices were offered to the gods, whilst gradually the rumours spread against margherita guarducci Emperor. Thus two months can be reckoned to have passed.


That brings us to the end of September and margherita guarducci beginning of October. On the other hand, November and December must be practically excluded.

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In the first place, it is unthinkable that games such as those described by Tacitus should be held at that season ; open air public rejoicing going on late into the evening, as indicated by the macabre use of human torches margherita guarducci give light to the public.

Spectacles of that kind suppose a rather mild climate. Now, Tacitus places the persecution of the Christians among the events of the year In language which is symbolic but sufficiently clear, he is portrayed as possessed by the devil and resolved to persecute the Twelve Apostles of Christ, one of whom Peter will eventually fall into his hands.

There are other allusions to the misdeeds suggested by Lucifer to the Emperor, and finally two little sentences appear, little for sure, but how precious!


In the other prophetic book the Apocalypse of Peter, this martyrdom is regarded as the beginning margherita guarducci the ruin of Nero. It opens with the martyrdom of Peter, the culminating point of the persecution, and closes with the death of the tyrant.


But there immediately appeared another, even more decisive. Those days had to be celebrated with sacrifices and popular entertainment. In 64, he would, therefore, be celebrating a particularly solemn anniversary: The public who filled the terraces of the circuses and amphitheatres had ferocious tastes, and the organisers of the games did their best to satisfy, or margherita guarducci to excite them.

The truth about the Saint Peter's tomb

Archaeologists have found at Pompei an inscription from the years 62 to 79 AD, therefore more or less in the time of Nero. It invited the inhabitants to come and watch the gladiatorial combats, which were to take place shortly in margherita guarducci Cumes amphitheatre.


One can imagine them alongside the track where fierce dogs hounded and tore to pieces victims clothed in animal skins. In addition, the tragic human torches spoken of by Tacitus were also margherita guarducci up in the circus. If it margherita guarducci speak, it would tell us of scenes of horrifying cruelty, in the midst of which shone the sublime heroism of the victims.

We know this today through the excavations ordered by Pius XII on 28 Junejust after his election. In order margherita guarducci transform the site into a flat surface, capable of taking such a building, the builders had first to bury a necropolis still in use and, what is more, cut into the Vatican hill.

I found this quite fascinating, since I've been to the Vatican and didn't even realize that I was actually standing a few meters above the whereabouts where Peter is buried.

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Now, by the stark light of unshaded electric bulbs, and beneath a roof of iron and steel, the visitor explores this street, reading the names of those buried there so long margherita guarducci, until he comes to that space below the high altar which archaeologists can recognize as the tomb, or the memorial, of St.

To the layman, it is a scene of some confusion where walls of different dates, and marble coffins embedded margherita guarducci masonry, are crowded together side by side, and only the trained eye can detect the essential pattern.

The visitor can only reflect with awe that he is standing in a place venerated by Christians since the first century. The visible evidence of such veneration is the theme of this fascinating book.