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In addition to surprising twists in tempo and song structure, they mix extremely tasteful colourings of harmony, vocals, keyboards, harmonic and the subtle use of wind instruments.

After which the group a year later was reduced to a trio, as Michael Salmon finally turned his back on his oor magazine kit. So a new drummer would need at least three years before really integrating well.

But we hope that one day a Oor magazine Right will walk in. Why wait so long?

Lack of oor magazine and lack of familiarity with the entire process of recording and releasing an album. The way we organized everything was really lousy.

The Universal Magazine - Google Books

This was The Devil. Not because that song was the most appropriate, but it was the only thing we had ready on tape. We did it, amongst other reasons, to impress Wendy, who had just joined us, to prove that we were doing something more than just organizing rehearsals.

Surprisingly it became a hit single and in some places quite a big one. I like to do things that are very basic and just a certain simplicity can be oor magazine powerful. But I love to toughen it up with abrupt turns, something like: Simplicity intersecting with effectiveness.

Muziekkrant OOR

In poetry the words have to do all the work. I also regularly come to the same words again, just because they are ideally suited to a piece of music to bring in colours.

If I were to write a oor magazine without musical accompaniment, I would never know if it was any good or not. So you had a wide oor magazine for the first album? I really have to weigh things against one another.


Some things were recent work, but there were also older songs in new arrangements. The result ended up being far better than I expected, although you oor magazine always do better.

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Walk On, the b-side of The Devil comes from the time Oor magazine was eighteen. Still a great song.

OOR magazine

Maybe a bit simple, but that keeps everything balanced. It strikes me that in your lyrics often oor magazine word God appears, while you eagerly make use of oor magazine and images from the Bible.

Is religion important to you?

However I have no desire to preach, even if I have to admit that occasionally I put lyrics in my oor magazine which suggest the contrary. I use these terms only to evoke certain associations. What's more, it's very efficiently set up.


But I have told Willem" Venema, Mojo promoter "that he should organise one with some musicians from along the Nile, from Arabic Africa. It's a hell of responsibility to set up such a festival, you oor magazine allow yourself too many risks.

But I'm sure the audience would appreciate it if there were a few ethnic bands between.