Free Papua Movement Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM). PIO Box , The Hague, Netherlands. Irian Jaya, the former Dutch New Guinea or West New. Free Papua Movement Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM). West Papua's half-century of struggle for independence from Indonesia is one of the. The Organisasi Papua Merdeka in Irian Jaya: Continuity and Change in Papua New Guinea's Relations with Indonesia. Ralph R. Premdas. Asian Survey, Vol.


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Kennedy to get the administration of West New Guinea transferred to Indonesia. Although the Netherlands had organisasi papua merdeka the West New Guinea people be allowed self-determination in accord with the United Nations charter and General Assembly Resolution XV which was to be called the "Act of Free Choice"; the New York Agreement instead provided a seven year delay and gave the United Nations no authority to supervise the act.

An Indonesian police officer speculated that people doing this could be charged with the crime of treason, which carries the penalty of imprisonment for seven to twenty years in Indonesia.

Ambassador Galbraith further described the OPM to "represent an amorphous mass of anti-Indonesia sentiment" and that "possibly 85 to 90 percent [of Papuans], are in sympathy organisasi papua merdeka the Free Papua cause or at least intensely dislike Indonesians".


The United Nations representative Ambassador Oritiz Sanz arrived on 22 August and made repeated requests for Indonesia to allow a one man, one vote system a process known as a referendum or plebiscite organisasi papua merdeka these requests were refused on the grounds that such activity was not specified nor requested by the New York Agreement.

The result was a consensus for integration into Indonesia. Organisasi papua merdeka greatly weakened OPM's ability as a centralized combat force.

Organisasi Papua Merdeka

It remains organisasi papua merdeka used, however, invoked by both contemporary fighters and domestic and expatriate political activists.

Starting fromofficials at mining company Freeport Indonesia received letters from the OPM threatening the company and demanding assistance in a planned uprising in the spring. The company refused to cooperate with OPM. From July until 7 SeptemberOPM insurgents carried out their threats against Freeport and cut slurry and fuel pipelinesslashed telephone and power cables, burned down a warehouse, and detonated explosives at various facilities.

The attack was quickly repelled by the Indonesian military, who followed it with broader counter-insurgency activity. organisasi papua merdeka

On 14 FebruaryFreeport Indonesia received information that the OPM was again becoming active in their area, and that some of Freeport's employees were OPM organisasi papua merdeka or sympathisers. On 14 April of that same year, OPM insurgents cut more pipelines, slashed electric wires, vandalised plumbing, and burned equipment tyres.

Organisasi Papua Merdeka

Repair crews were attacked by OPM gunfire as they approached the sites of organisasi papua merdeka damage, so Freeport requested police and military assistance.

Two hostages from the former group organisasi papua merdeka killed and the rest were released. They stayed there for the following few days before the Indonesian Military broke up the group.

Filep Karma was among those arrested. The series of attacks prompted deployments of more personnel to Papua. The total population of both provinces is 2. Past government-sponsored transmigration programs, which moved households from more densely populated areas to less populated regions, account for part of the influx.

Some Papuans have voiced concerns that the migrants have interfered organisasi papua merdeka their traditional ways of life, land usage, and economic opportunities.

Free Papua Movement - Wikipedia

Although the region is rich in natural resources, including gold, copper, natural gas, and timber, Papua lags behind other parts of Indonesia in some key development indicators.

Poverty is widespread in Papua and Papua has the lowest level of adult literacy in Indonesia at 74 percent. With organisasi papua merdeka escalation of the conflict in Vietnam, Kennedy sought to avoid a second crisi in the region.

A combination of Indonesian political and military pressure and international efforts led to an October Dutch transfer of sovereignty to the United Nations UN Temporary Executive Authority, which was supported by a military observer force that oversaw the cease-fire. In Mayfull administrative control was handed over to Indonesia.

After a Act of Free Choice, the territory, which the Indonesians called Irian Barat West Irian untilwas integrated into the republic as Indonesia's twenty-sixth province.

Rich in natural resources, Irian Organisasi papua merdeka Victorious Irian --as the province was renamed in is the largest and least-populated province.