Description. The Pulpit Commentary with KJV verses. One of the largest and best-selling homiletical commentary sets of its kind. Directed by editors Joseph. The Pulpit Commentary is a homiletic commentary on the Bible created during the nineteenth century under the direction of Rev. Joseph S. Exell and Henry. The Pulpit Commentary (51 Volume Set) [H.D.M., and Joseph S. Exell, Editors SPENCE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


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The Pulpit Commentary (77 vols.)

The primary intention of that record being not to teach science, but to discover religious truth, the thing of paramount importance to be communicated was that the firmament was of God's construction.

This, of course, does not prevent us from believing that the elimination of those gases twenty-one parts of oxygen and seventy-nine of nitrogen, with a small proportion of carbonic acid gas and aqueous vapor which compose our atmosphere was not effected by natural means; and how far it may have been assisted by the action of the light upon the condensing mass of the globe pulpit commentary a problem in the solution of which science may legitimately take an interest.

And divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament. The upper waters are not the material of the stars Delitzsch, Wordsworthalthough Jupiter is of the same density as water, and Saturn pulpit commentary half its density; but the waters floating about in the higher spaces of the air.

The under waters are not the pulpit commentary atmospheric vapors, but the oceanic and terrestrial waters. How the waters are collected in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, Scripture, no less than science, explains to be by means of evaporation Genesis 2: These latter passages suggest that the clouds are balanced, suspended, upheld by the buoyancy of the air in exact accordance with scientific principles.


And it was so. Six times these words occur in the creation record. Sublimely suggestive of the resistless energy of the Divine word, which speaks, and it is done, commands, and it standeth fast, they likewise remind us of the sweet submissiveness of the creature to the all-wise Creator's will, pulpit commentary, perhaps, are designed as well to intimate the fixed and permanent character of those arrangements to which they are attached.

And the evening and the morning were the second day.

The Pulpit Commentary (77 vols.) - Logos Bible Software

Verse 8 - And God called the pulpit commentary heaven. Literally, the heights, shamayim, as in pulpit commentary. For the literal rendering of this clause see on ver. The conceit of the Rabbis, that an expression of the Divine approbation was omitted because on this day the angels fell, requires no refutation.

Aben Ezra accounts for its omission by making the second day's work terminate with ver.


Lange asks, "Had the prophetic author some anticipation that the blue vault was merely an appearance, whilst the sarans of the Septuagint had no such anticipation, and therefore proceeded to doctor the passage?

The distribution of land and water and the production of vegetation on this day engaged pulpit commentary formative energy of the word of Elohim. And God said, Let the waters under heaven be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.

To explain the second part of this phenomenon as a consequence of the first, the disclosure of the solid ground by the retirement of the waters from its surface, and not rather vice versa, is to reverse the ordinary pulpit commentary of nature.


Modern analogy suggests that the breaking up of the hitherto universal ocean into seas, lakes, and rivers was effected by the upheaval of the land through the action of subterranean fires, or the subsidence of the earth's crust in consequence of the cooling and shrinking of the interior mass.

The gathering pulpit commentary the waters into one place implies no more than that pulpit commentary were, from this day forward, to be collected into one vast body, and restrained within bounds in a place by themselves, so as to admit of the exposure of the earth's soil.

- The Pulpit Commentary by: H. D. M. Spence - Hendrickson Publishers

The "place founded for them" was, of course, the depths and hollows in the earth's crust, into which they were immediately withdrawn, not through direct supernatural agency, but by their own natural gravitation. The configuration of the dry land is not described; but there is reason to believe that the original distribution of land and water was the same, or nearly the same, as it is at present.

Physical geographers have observed that the coast lines of the great continents and the mountain ranges generally run from north-east to south-west, and that these lines are in reality parts of great circles, tangent to the polar circle, and at right angles to a line drawn from the sun's center to the moon's, when these bodies are either in conjunction or in opposition.

These circles, it has further been remarked, are "the lines on which the thin crust of a cooling globe would be most likely to be ruptured by its internal tidal wave.

Though the pulpit commentary of the dry land from the waters and the distribution of both were effected by Divine agency, nothing in the Mosaic narrative obliges us to think that these works were instantaneously completed.

In opposition to the firmament, which was named" the heights" shamayimthe dry land was styled "the fiats," "Aretz" cf. Originally applied to the dry ground as distinguished from the seas, as soon as it was understood that pulpit commentary solid earth was continuous beneath the water masses, by an easy extension of meaning it came to signify the whole surface of the globe.

And the gathering together of the waters called he Seas. Yamim, from yom, to boil or foam, is applied in Scripture to any large collection of water cf. And God saw that it was good.