The Reflective Practitioner and millions of other books are available for Amazon . How Professionals Think In Action by Donald A. Schon Paperback $ Monday 19th November - Design as a Reflective Conversation with the Situation This text has been chosen by Melehat Nil Gülari and is taken. SCHÖN: DESIGN AS A REFLECTIVE PRACTICE. Willemien Visser. Abstract. In this paper, we present Schön's approach to design, as we have.


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A teacher who repeatedly is disrupted by a student, and in becoming angry, asks the student to leave the classroom, illustrates the importance of professional reflectivity.

The Reflective Practitioner

By displacing feelings of frustration, anxiousness, and confusion on the student new perspectives on why the event occurred and alternatives for responding differently remain. Schon challenges teachers to " As with orienteering, professional reflectivity allows distress to inform a redirection to new landmarks without being overwhelmed, or blinded by the familiar.

It reflective practice schon through reflection the practitioner will utilize a repertoire of understandings, images, and actions to reframe a troubling situation so that problem solving actions are generated.

Mezirow echoes this by writing, "Learning is defined as the social process of construing and appropriating a new or revised interpretation of reflective practice schon meaning of one's experience as a guide to action"p.

By embedding reflectivity into the pedagogical process, Mezirow contends that meaningful learning occurs through self-examination of assumptions, patterns of interactions, and the operating premises of action.

He chooses architecture because it as an established field of design, that he had the opportunity to observe and study. At the beginning of the chapter, he briefly overviews the design field. It is still valid.

Design is expending to all sorts of fields, hence he recognises the risk of ignoring the profession specific knowledge, goals, context and media that exist in these fields.

But he also says it might bring the opportunity to discover, a generic design process underlying these processes.

Reflective practice - Wikipedia

He mentions various perspectives and notions exist in Architecture, which underlie their actions. He also notices that it might be confusing especially for students.


Then reflective practice schon introduces his case as an example that he believes represents a generic design process shared by various reflective practice schon professions. He explains that in the design process there are various variables, possible moves, norms and interrelations.

In a good design process this conversation with the situation is reflective. In his example, he observed 20 min session of a design critiquing between architecture student, Petra and tutor Quist.

Reflective thinking and writing: Reflective thinking and writing

He starts by introducing studio environment, how students work and design there. In the session, reflective practice schon Petra describes her design process and the problems she encountered within that.

He evaluated her sketches in term of norms drawn from several domains, from scale and verbal strength. Later in the analysis part, he identifies the elements of design language, which is predominantly a spatial action language.

He also summarises in a table the terms, words that are used in the protocol.

Despite this language seem informal, the terms connote a lot of professional knowledge. In the particular example, Petra has taken the reflective practice schon contours seriously-privatised and accept the norm that building shape and land contours must fit one another.

Her norm privatising causes of the problems that she encountered. Professional associations such as the American Association of Nurse Practitioners are recognizing the importance of reflective practice and require practitioners to prepare reflective portfolios as a requirement to be licensed, and for yearly quality reflective practice schon purposes.

Hadiya habib assert that there is one quality above all that makes a good teacher -the ability to reflect on what,why and how we do things and to adopt and develop our practice within lifelong learning.


Reflection is the key to successful learning for teachers and reflective practice schon learners. Students[ edit ] Students can benefit from engaging in reflective practice as it can foster the critical thinking and decision making necessary for continuous learning and improvement.

Reflective practice

Students who have acquired metacognitive skills are better able to compensate for both low ability and insufficient information. Teachers[ edit ] The concept of reflective practice is now widely employed in the field of teacher education and teacher professional development and many programmes of initial teacher education claim to espouse it.

Reflecting on different approaches reflective practice schon teaching, and reshaping the understanding of past and current experiences, can lead to improvement in teaching practices.

  • The Reflective Practitioner by Donald Schon | Gray's Research Reading Group
  • The Reflective Practitioner

It is argued that, through the process of reflection, teachers are held accountable to the standards of practice for teaching, such as those in Ontario: