Philippines Republic Act No. (Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act). Philippines. Date: Attachments. Philippines_ TIP-RA_ pdf. Republic Act No. May 26, AN ACT TO INSTITUTE POLICIES TO This Act shall be known as the "Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of ". Section 2. Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of , (Republic Acts of the Philippines) R.A. No. , is a consolidation of Senate Bill No. and House Bill No. ‎Background · ‎Prosecution · ‎Results · ‎Legal gaps, hiatus and.


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Programs that Address Trafficking in Persons. For this purpose, the following agencies are hereby mandated to implement the following programs: The DFA shall repatriate trafficked Filipinos with the consent of the victims.

It shall provide counseling and temporary shelter to trafficked persons and develop a system for accreditation among NGOs for purposes of establishing centers and programs for intervention in various levels of the community. It shall establish free temporary shelters, for the protection and housing of trafficked persons to provide the republic act no 9208 basic services to trafficked persons: Furthermore, information campaigns must be conducted with the police that they must not induce poor women to give their children up for adoption in exchange for consideration.

Republic Act No. 9208

It shall likewise monitor, document and report cases of trafficking in persons involving employers and labor recruiters. It shall likewise advocate for the inclusion of the issue of trafficking in persons in both its local and international advocacy for republic act no 9208 issues.

They shall closely coordinate with each other and with other law enforcement agencies to secure concerted efforts for effective investigation and apprehension of suspected traffickers.

They shall also establish a system to receive complaints and calls to assist trafficked republic act no 9208 and conduct rescue operations.

It shall likewise formulate a system of providing free legal assistance to trafficked persons, in coordination with the DFA.

Philippines Republic Act No. 9208 (Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act)

Provided, That the rescued victims shall execute an affidavit attesting to the acts violative of the anti-trafficking law. This blacklist shall be posted in conspicuous places in concerned government agencies and shall be updated bi-monthly.


It shall provide training programs to local government units, in coordination with the Council, in ensuring wide understanding and application of this Act at the local level. It shall develop a system for accreditation of Republic act no 9208 that may be mobilized for purposes of conducting pre-departure counseling services for Filipinos in intermarriages.

As such, it shall ensure that the counselors contemplated under this Act shall have the minimum qualifications and training of guidance counselors as provided for by law.

They shall encourage and support community-based initiatives which address the trafficking in persons. Anti-Trafficking in Persons Database. The Council shall submit a report to the President of the Philippines and to Congress, on or before January 15 of every year, with respect republic act no 9208 the preceding year's programs and data on trafficking-related cases.

Republic Act No. 10364 or The Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012 Published

Such data shall be submitted to the Council for integration in a central database system. Women and children are also trafficked within the Philippines, primarily from rural areas, such as the Visayas and Mindanaoto urban areas for forced labor as domestic workersand factory workers, and in the drug trade, and for sexual exploitation.

A smaller number of women are occasionally trafficked from the People's Republic of China P. The Government of the Philippines failed to fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, but made significant efforts.

Gonzalez issued the government's official statement on R. Issuance of a directive to all prosecutors nationwide through Department Circular No. Issuance of a directive to the Commissioner of Immigration to put a stop to escort services at the airport; and 4.

The Republic act no 9208 has received 65 complaints for alleged trafficking in persons violations for the period June January Of these cases, 24 have been filed republic act no 9208 court while 31 are pending preliminary investigation.

National Implementation of IHL -

The Inter-Agency Republic act no 9208 on Passport Irregularities reported that 69 persons were convicted for violation of the Passport Law for the periodwhile 20 persons were convicted for illegal recruitment activities for the same period.

Law enforcement action was likewise intensified to curb trafficking in persons. In a recent case, the NBI-AHTRAD arrested five Korean nationals who were arrested while in the act of identifying, choosing ad interviewing would-be brides for Korean nationals from among the thirty-two women rescued.

In another case early this year, thirty-eight 38 women were rescued in Malate who were recruited from Davao to work in Japan republic act no 9208 entertainers. Upon arrival in Manila, they were, however, detained in a place and were not allowed to go out.