: Richelieu and Mazarin (Lancaster Pamphlets) : Geoffrey Treasure: Books. The Leadership of Cardinal Richelieu General Information about Mazarin Mazarin was the trained successor of. Cardinal Armand Jean du Plessis, 1st Duke of Richelieu and Fronsac commonly referred to as .. However, the conflict was largely healed when the Pope granted a cardinalate to Jules Mazarin, one of Richelieu's foremost political allies,  Created cardinal‎: ‎5 September ; by ‎Pope.


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Cardinal Mazarin

His heir, the future Louis XIV was then only five years old. However, she immediately went to the Parliament of Richelieu and mazarinan assembly of nobles friendly to her, and had his will declared invalid.

Despite the accounts of some later historians, Richelieu did not name Mazarin as his successor. Richelieu did, according to Mazarin himself, advise the King to employ Mazarin, who until that time had no official position at Court.

Mazarin and de Chavigny immediately richelieu and mazarin together to get rid of de Noyers. They hinted to the King that de Noyers had secretly made an agreement with Anne of Austria to make her the regent of France after the King's death.

The King, who had little love for the Queen and in his will had refused to make her his Regent, was furious; de Noyers was forced to resign on 10 April, His successor, Louis XIVwas just five years old.


The King had specifically instructed that his wife, Anne of Austrianot rule in his place as regent. However, as soon as he was dead, she applied to the richelieu and mazarin of nobles known as the Parliament of Parisand had his will annulled.

She was declared Regent on 18 May. He had been close to Richelieu and was the only real rival in experience to Mazarin. The evening that she became regent, she declared that Mazarin would be her chief minister and head of her government.

The contrast was described by Cardinal Retzthe future enemy of Mazarin, in his Memoires: He has the spirit, the insinuation, the playfulness, the manners, but also a certain laziness Mazarin continued Richelieu's costly war richelieu and mazarin the chief rivals of France in Europe, the Hapsburgs of Austria and Spain.

He settled Protestant princes in secularized bishoprics and abbacies in reward for their political opposition to the Habsburgs, building a network of French influence as a buffer in the western part of the Empire. In he made peace with Habsburg Spain in the Peace of the Pyreneeswhich added to French territory Roussillon and northern Cerdanya—as French Cerdagne —in the far south as well as part of the Low Countries.

Mazarin protected the Barberini cardinals, nephews of the late Pope, and the Bull against them was voted by the Parlement of Paris "null and abusive"; France made a show of preparing to take Avignon by force, and Innocent backed down.

Mazarin was more consistently an enemy of Jansenismin particular during the formulary controversymore for its political implications than out of theology. On his deathbed he warned young Louis "not to tolerate the Jansenist sect, not even their name.

Cardinal Mazarin - Wikipedia

Fronde Mazarin's long war against the Hapsburgs, the final part of the Thirty years warwas successful, but the cost was enormous. Resentment grew against the Spanish Queen and her Italian prime minister, and culminated in The Frondea rebellion against the government by members of the nobility and discontented citizens of Paris, which lasted from until His financial counselor was Particelli d'Emery, also Italian.

When richelieu and mazarin, loans, and the sale of titles did not bring in enough, he richelieu and mazarin new sources of income.