Sensate Focus is a sex therapy technique that is very simply this: mindfulness practice using touch. You know how mindfulness practice helps you stay focused. The paper addressed persistent confusion over the definition of the sensate focus technique by delving into the history of its development and drilling down into. Sensate focus—think mindfulness for touch—is a technique developed in the s to help couples and individuals overcome sexual and.


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Or, in yoga, your breath? How mindful hypnosis involves visual images? Or in relaxation training imagined visual images? Here-and-now touch Sensate Focus uses the exact same principles as all these other mindfulness practices but emphasizes touch instead of sight or sound.

You pay attention to the three dimensions of touch: This helps you stay in the here-and-now by giving you touch sensations on which to sensate focus technique rather than on the anxious thoughts and feelings that sensate focus technique causing or worsening your sexual problem.

Sensate focus

True, your mind can jump back and forth pretty quickly, but if you keep refocusing over and over again on touch, you will not be able to stay as distracted by all your sexual anxieties. Further stages gradually re-introduce touching of breasts sensate focus technique genitals, then intercourse.

Orgasm is never the focus. This is also used as a treatment for impotence in males, and arousal sensate focus technique especially where anxiety is involved.

The therapist will encourage the man to forget about his penis, and forget about his partner's genitals, and instead concentrate on the sensual possibilities available in the feel of his own and his partner's skinhairmouthbodybreastsetc.

The Wiley Handbook of Sex Therapy. Principles and practice of sex therapy 5th ed. Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy: Sourcebook of psychological treatment manuals for adult disorders.

What is Sensate Focus? Learn to discover the power of touch!

J Sex Marital Ther. Journal of sex and marital therapy. Clarifying the Masters and Johnson's model". How can we avoid losing our grasp on the legacy our professional predecessors have left us? Sensate focus technique how can we most effectively continue to educate ourselves on best practices and techniques?

During their time there, they were able to observe the continued development of the sensate focus technique, and the ways in which it evolved in response to criticism and client need.

This intensive format required social isolation to afford the opportunity for rapid progress. She elaborates, saying, "the advantage of sensate focus being utilized in the more common therapeutic format Sensate focus technique disadvantage is that progress may be slower because it is problematic for many clients to find the time or assert the structure that is required to regularly practice the skills.

Unfortunately, the bulk of their work together was never published by Masters and Johnson in any detail, and sensate focus technique of the technique bemoaned a lack of attention to couple dynamics and relationship skills. An even greater change to the sensate focus technique was in regard to its instructions.

Sensate focus - Wikipedia

The beauty of this was that it resulted in a reduction in performance anxiety. Still, it missed the point that performance pressure was naturally inherent sensate focus technique the instruction to touch for pleasure at all, one's own or one's partner's.

  • What is Sensate Focus?

In later stages, sensate focus technique were encouraged to share information about pleasurable touch once the dysfunction they had initially sought out help for was being sensate focus technique.

How Confusion Over Sensate Focus So Easily Spread Over the years, this lack of effectual dissemination has led to many misuses of the technique, and a mislabeling of other types of erotic touch exercises as sensate focus.

It's been watered down But this particular area of confusion isn't the only cause of misinterpretation. There's an expectation that if there's not a pill, you have to have a technique.


There should be no expectations.