Sir, I can't bowl in swing because I am unable to keep the seam straight towards fine leg when bowling to the right hand batsman. Please tell me some tips. Swing bowling is a technique used for bowling in the sport of cricket. Practitioners are known as swing bowlers. Swing bowling is generally classed as a subtype. The basic idea of swing bowling is to get the cricket ball to swing sideways as it moves towards the batsman. A swing bowler can use a conventional swing, a reverse swing, or a contrast swing. To bowl an inswing, release the ball with the seam pointed at about a 20 degree angle.


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Cricket Fast Bowling Tips / How To Bowl In Swing

Air turbulence is no longer used to create separation point differences and therefore the lift and pressure differences. On the rough side of the ball swing bowling tips are scratches and pits in the ball's surface.

These irregularities act in the same manner as the dimples of a golf ball: The smooth side does not trap a layer swing bowling tips air. The next layer of air outward from the ball will have a greater velocity over the rough side, due to its swing bowling tips with a layer of trapped air, rather than solid ball.

This lowers the static pressure relative to the shiny side, which swings the ball. If the scratches and tears completely cover the rough side of the ball, the separation point on the rough side will move to the back of the ball, further than that swing bowling tips the turbulent air, thereby creating more lift and faster air flow.

This is why a new ball swing bowling tips swing more than an old ball.

Swing bowling - Wikipedia

If the seam is used to create the turbulent air on the rough side, the tears will not fill as quickly as they would with laminar flow, dampening the lift and pressure differences.

Reverse swing occurs in exactly the same manner as conventional swing, despite popular misconception. Over time the rough side becomes too rough and the tears become too swing bowling tips — this is why golf ball dimples are never below a certain depth, and so "conventional" swing weakens over time; the swing bowling tips point moves toward the front of the ball on the rough side.

When polishing the shiny side of the ball, numerous liquids are used, such as sweat, saliva, sunscreen, hair gel which bowlers may apply to their hair before a game and other illegal substances like Vaseline applied to the clothing where the ball is polished.

3 Ways to Add Swing to a Cricket Ball - wikiHow

These liquids penetrate the porous surface of the leather ball. Over time the liquid expands and stretches the surface of the ball which increases the surface area meaning more lift and creates raised bumps on the polished side, due to the non-uniform nature of the expansion. The valleys between the bumps hold the air in the same manner as the tears on the rough side.

This swing bowling tips a layer of air over the shiny side, moving the separation point towards the back of the ball on the shiny side.

The greater air coverage is now on the shiny side, giving rise to more lift and faster secondary airflow on that side.

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There swing bowling tips therefore lower static pressure on the shiny side, causing the ball to swing towards it, not away from it as in conventional swing. The rough side tears hold the air more easily than the shiny side valleys, so to maintain the air within the valleys the initial air layer must have a very high velocity, which is why reverse swing is primarily, but not necessarily, achieved by fast bowlers.

Due to the less static nature of the initial air layer it takes longer for the swing to occur, which is why it occurs later in the delivery. Cock your bowling wrist back, with the grip for In Swing and practice flicking the ball out to your swing bowling tips, work on keeping the seam vertical with the angle toward fine leg.

swing bowling tips

Cricket's dark art of swing bowling, explained

Now stand facing your partner, off 1 pace, step and gently bowl the ball to them. Make sure the bowling hand sweeps down straight now, to give the wrist action the opportunity to direct the ball toward fine leg. swing bowling tips


The ball swings with the arm action. Again pay attention to seam position, practise this till you can control the seam. If the ball is bowled fast enough above 85 mphthe laminar layer goes into a turbulent state before it reaches the seam.

The seam actually has a negative effect swing bowling tips and affects the turbulent layer so it separates earlier compared with the bottom surface.