UMNO-PAS to form a coalition through 'tahaluf siyasi'. By Norila Daud on September 16, Show of support: MIC central working committee members. Tahaluf siyasi: Pas members must abide by Syura council's decision. PAS ended its political collaboration with DAP in ALOR SETAR. Post-Islamism in PAS: An Analysis on the Impact of Tahalluf Siyasi . PAS sudah mengadakan pakatan politik ataupun istilahnya 'tahaluf siyasi' sebanyak tiga.


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Tahaluf siyasi so, then this will be a strong signal that General Election 14 GE 14 is so imminent because it would mean the already bright and tahaluf siyasi situation for Najib now is going to be brighter and rosier still, which could tilt the result of GE 14 in his favour in a big way.

Tahaluf siyasi: Pas members must abide by Syura councils decision | Astro Awani

In a tahaluf siyasi news report based on what he has written on his blog, Mahathir said: The others started to chime in immediately before I could even make my point that the comment was indeed very harsh on someone who has done a lot for the country.

There seems to be some forceful logic in this argument of PAS supporters simply because PAS is an Islamist party with Islam being seen as sacrosanct and a foundation for its existence and survival, while Mahathir being the chairman of a Malay party sounds like a sore loser who could already see defeat before even the battle i.

GE 14 had begun. Moreover, Umno has also proven its worth when it comes to doing something for Islam as opposed to a brand new party that tahaluf siyasi nothing to offer yet at the moment, like PPBM in which Mahathir is the chairman.


Herein lies the talk about an emerging new PAS that is very refreshing, and takes very seriously the question of tactics and strategies instead of focusing merely on ideal or ideology in a rhetorical manner much like delivering a kuliah subuh religious talk held after the fajr prayer in a mosqueas in the past.

That also seems to be the unspoken message of PAS when its influential Syura Council came out with a decision to officially sever ties with fellow oppositionist PKR on May Some observers see this as a first salvo aimed primarily at the PH coalition, and to some extent at the ruling coalition BN to take serious notice of an emerging PAS with a strategic mission and outlook.

Many thought that during the recent Muktamar or party congress beginning in late April, the motion to sever ties with PKR which was unanimously passed by the delegates was a mere rhetorical platitude, simply because the powerful and influential Syura Council did not discuss it at the congress then.

But at this late hour when GE 14 could be called at anytime from now until June next year, PAS is very much aware the idea of a snap election in Selangor is just untenable. In Islam, ulama are seen as the Inheritors of the Prophets Warisatul Anbiya and as such, decorum and due respect for tahaluf siyasi are to be accorded.

The genius of PAS lies in recognizing that contrary to popular belief, the question tahaluf siyasi implementation of hudud laws per se is not a controversial issue among Muslims.


What is controversial are the issues of timing, nature and scope of its implementation. PAS expects that in the unique circumstances of Malaysia being a pluralistic and multi-racial society with its own unique social contract as defined by the Constitution which includes Islam being the official religion of tahaluf siyasi country by virtue of the Muslims being in the majority and the Malays as the indigenous sons of the soil, a legislature that is characterized by a system of Parliamentary democracy with a Constitutional Monarchy at its core, would be matured enough to allow the Bill to be tabled and discussed in Parliament.

PAS wants the RUU to be discussed so that when a vote on it is finally taken, all would be well should the Bill be approved. Hence, PAS was shocked to see that all manner of obstacles were vehemently put in place to stop it from doing this small step with such vitriol as if the party is Public Enemy Number One in the legislature and country.

Tahaluf siyasi: Pas members must abide by Syura council's decision

When Hadi warned PKR not to be reckless on the issue of its three Selangor legislators by heeding the lessons from the Kajang Move, the media statement of Hadi tells more by its silence than by what it says.

So he found it distasteful and unpalatable that a serving legislator should resign just to make way for tahaluf siyasi legislator tahaluf siyasi the Federal level to contest the state by-election in a power grab.

Wan Azizah once again has to adorn the mantle tahaluf siyasi a reluctant politician since Anwar was embroiled in the second sodomy case, which disqualified him from contesting. Clearly, the party relishes on its role and strategy as a Kingmaker. This has already drawn fire from a former managing director of PAS newspaper, Harakah who had commented that it is pointless for PAS to participate in a GE if winning the election is not its objective.

Delegates at the 63rd PAS muktamar breaks tahaluf siyasi with PKR

But most of PAS rank and file supported this strategy. They know that by joining the PH, they would be marginalized and relegated by the other partners tahaluf siyasi PH to a fifth class political party.

Even when Anwar was around, they were already being treated as the third among equals. Moreover, their experiment with being a member tahaluf siyasi an opposition coalition had never led to the coalition winning the election, with at best only winning the meaningless popular vote, which did not give them the mandate to rule the country.

So they are left with the strategy that could capitalize on their strength — Muslim as opposed to Malay power.