Avatar Energy Mastery Institute 14, views · · Hypnosis For Telekinesis and Levitation Move Objects. Telekinetic Energy is Natural. The ability of telekinesis is very natural occurrence and we all have the ability to perform telekinesis it's just a matter of learning the. In August the US Air Force Research Laboratory published an official report titled simply “Teleportation.


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Vibration has two sources: Your Universal life force energy, also known as psychic energy A Telekinetic Experiment To Try In telekinesis, your thoughts direct the intent to move the object, while your psychic energy and your physical energy combine together, creating vibrations, which telekinesis power secrets motion.

For example, you want to move a coin on a table.


If you want to move the coin to the left, focus your thoughts on making the coin move to the left. Next, you have to direct the vibration using your energy. Imagine the vibration coming out of your palms and moving the telekinesis power secrets to the left.

How to develop telekinesis

The steps are simple, but learning telekinesis is difficult and will require a discipline and practice.

There is no shortcut to learning telekinesis and your ability cannot come about by just wishing it telekinesis power secrets happen. Practice is the key to developing your telekinetic abilities, but there are also other important factors to consider.

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Five Forgotten Secrets About Telekinesis All doubts should be removed and you should have complete belief that you have the power to be able to perform telekinesis.

Telekinesis power secrets have become so immersed in the physical world, that people have forgotten how the mind can affect reality as well. The power of your mind, along with your psychic energy, can open telekinesis power secrets doors to unleashing telekinetic abilities.

Because of their simplicity, some of these secrets may surprise you, but as you learn telekinesis, you will realize their importance. Telekinesis is natural Telekinesis is a natural-occurring psychic ability.

It is related to the connection of the mind, consciousness, and the energy found in all things. Like most psychic abilities, telekinesis is as natural as walking and standing, but you need to develop your hidden skills. The sooner you believe that telekinesis is telekinesis power secrets to you, the sooner your psychic abilities will manifest.

Learning telekinesis may take a long time, but it will be worth the effort.

Telekinesis – The Awakening Secrets

You need to develop an unshakable belief that you have the ability to unlock the hidden aspects of your mind — the inner sanctum where your psychic abilities are stored.

Every time you let the smallest shred of doubt telekinesis power secrets your mind, you fall back a step because doubt decreases your confidence. You need to be completely confident that you can conjure your telekinetic potential. Your reasons for learning telekinesis must be positive Why do you want to learn telekinesis?

The answer to this question is important, because you need to have a positive reason behind learning it. Doubt, fear, anger, and greed — these are emotions that give off low vibrations. You need higher vibrations to make proper use of your telekinetic abilities.

Telekinesis is learned to improve your own spirituality and to help others. Meditation is key Meditation is a requirement for learning telekinesis. In order telekinesis power secrets prepare the mind for telekinesis, you have to meditate regularly.

When you meditate, calmness envelops your mind and the tension in your body dissolves.