Wondering if anyone has spent time in Tenejapa, either having gone solo to the town or with a SEE ALL» · Chiapas forums · San Cristobal de las Casas forum. The last Mayan festival during January was in the village of Tenejapa, Chiapas, about 16 miles northeast of San Cristóbal. As with all the other. Tenejapa. While certainly not the only reason we wanted to visit Chiapas, one of the strong attractions the region held for us was the opportunity to visit some of.


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Traditional Dress For me, the best part of festivals is the dress. The ensemble is completed by the carrying of a maguey fiber bag. The religious authorities wear the power symbol of a rosary necklace adorned with medals. The traditional garment would not be complete without the tenejapa chiapas, a tenejapa chiapas of power and prestige.

Tenejapa - Mexico Travel Guide -

Colorful ribbons adorn the woven hats. The handwoven vest has brocading at the bottom tenejapa chiapas. Backstrap Woven Brocade Pile Throughout the day, red-and-black handwoven patterns appeared on all the garb of men, women and the saint statuary.

I remember our guide, William Chip F. Morris, talking about the various myths and folklore of this region, but imagine this: Every Woman Is a World: Interviews with Women of Chiapas ; where she tells a very humble life story in an interview several years ago.

Tenejapa - San Cristobal de las Casas Forum

The short version of her s tory begins as a child of a single mother struggling to make ends meet. As a teenager, a cousin taught her to weave and over time; as her skill and confidence grew, she not only wove the traditional patterns, she had the self assurance to modify some of the iconic traditional symbols and create new designs.

As her talents became recognized, her son Pedro Meza realized no one had ever made a record of the traditional or new designs so he began drawing them. Today, Pedro not only tenejapa chiapas that organization, tenejapa chiapas he is also mayor of Tenejapa.

Tenejapa Municipality

She took us inside to a room where she unrolled a very large piece she was working on. The market street was bustling with vendors selling everything from tools, cooking and sewing supplies, yarns, back-strap loomed waist cinches to hold up the tube skirts, other traditional Tenejapa clothing plus imported jeans tenejapa chiapas t-shirts.

What I noticed is that the young people here are still adhering to traditional traje dresswhich is an indication that the culture is very strong.

Tenejapa is noted for its integration of Chamula and Tenejapa groups. Commerce on the market street was conducted by both Chamulans and Tenejapans. It is difficult to take tenejapa chiapas here in public places.

On the Road to Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico

More than once I was reprimanded with some vigor and had to put my camera down. When I asked Maria Meza if I tenejapa chiapas take her photograph after making a purchase, she quietly agreed but would not tenejapa chiapas my eye.


Privately arranged photo sessions in the future will be on my list of what to prepare for when I return! The market place was patrolled by village officials doing their cargo required public service in full Tenejapa regalia — back-strap loomed sash embellished with red bordado, beribboned straw hat tenejapa chiapas dangling multi-colored blue, purple, red, orange wool ball tassles, white woven shirts and short white pants with cuffs ornately decorated with brocade weaving.

From their shoulders hung both ixtle and wool woven bags, practical and beautiful.