TENMA 72 7770 EPUB

TENMA 72 7770 EPUB

TENMA 72 7770 EPUB!

The Model Multimeter (hereafter referred as “the Meter”) is 3 1/2 digits with steady operations, fashionable design and highly reliable hand-held. Tenma 4, Count /4 Digit Multimeter DMM w/Transistor Hfe. Tenma Benchtop Digital Multimeter with Capacitance, Frequency & Temp. Ruoshui Digital Clamp-On Meter, Inch Jaw Opening Auto & Manual Ranging Multimeters MAX Range AC Amp DC. Model OPERATING MANUAL Table of Contents (1) Title Overview Unpacking Inspection Safety Information Rules For Safe Operation.

TENMA 72 7770 EPUB

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TENMA 72 7770 EPUB

TENMA 72 7770 EPUB

DC Voltage Measurement B. AC Voltage Measurement C. DC Current Measurement D.

ALT Electronics Arduino RF Electronics Projects

Diodes and Continuity Measurement 1 Page 3 4 5 7 10 11 12 13 13 15 17 20 22 Model Diodes and Continuity Measurement F. Square Wave Output Tenma 72 7770 A. Replacing the Battery C. Tenma 72 7770 the Fuses 2 Page 25 26 28 28 29 30 31 32 32 33 33 34 35 Model Please read the relevant information carefully and observe all the Warnings and Notes strictly.

It is an ideal tool for maintenance.

TENMA 72 7770 EPUB

Check the following items carefully to see any missing or damaged part: Qty 1 piece 1 pair 1 piece Item Description English Operating Manual 1 2 Test Lead tenma 72 7770 Holster In the event you find items missing or damaged, please contact your dealer immediately.

Signal level, special equipment or parts of equipment, telecommunication, electronic, etc. III Use the Meter only as specified in this operating manual, otherwise the protection provided by the Meter may be impaired.

Tenma 72-7770 Manual

A Note identifies the information that user should pay attention on. International electrical symbols used on the Meter and in this Operating Manual are explained on page Do not use the Meter if it is damaged or the case or part of the case is removed.

tenma 72 7770

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Look for cracks or missing plastic. Pay tenma 72 7770 to the insulation around the connectors. Check the test leads for continuity. Replace damaged test leads with identical model number or electrical specifications before using the Meter.

The performance of the Meter may deteriorate after dampened. With a tenma 72 7770 battery, the Meter might produce false readings that can lead to electric shock and personal injury.

Calibration for the Tenma 72-7770

When servicing the Meter, use only the same model number or identical electrical specifications replacement parts. The internal circuit of the Meter shall not be altered at will to avoid damage of the Meter and any accident.

Soft cloth and mild detergent should be used to clean the surface tenma 72 7770 the Meter when servicing. No abrasive and solvent should be used to prevent the surface of the Meter from corrosion, damage and accident.

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The Meter is suitable for indoor use. Turn the Meter off when it is not in tenma 72 7770 and take out the battery when not using for a long time.

TENMA 72 7770 EPUB

Periodically check the battery as it may leak after some time. If leakage is apparent,the battery should be immediately replaced tenma 72 7770 prevent damage. DC Voltage Measurement see figure 2 Warning To avoid harm to you or damage to the Meter from electric shock, please do not attempt to measure voltages higher than V although readings tenma 72 7770 be obtained.

The DC Voltage ranges are: To measure DC voltage, connect the Meter as follows: