The Invaders has ratings and reviews. Jonathan said: As a YA novel The Invaders is intelligent, entertaining and top of its class. As a novel. Teen shipmates take on pirates in high-seas series sequel. Read Common Sense Media's The Invaders: Brotherband Chronicles, Book 2. : The Invaders: Brotherband Chronicles, Book 2 (Audible Audio Edition): John Flanagan, John Keating, Listening Library: Books.


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As a novel to recommend for anyone looking for a purely entertaining read it's very worthwhile.

John Flanagan, author of the brilliant Rangers Apprentice series see The Ruins of Gorlan one which both I, my mother and the invaders brotherband sister - the readers in our house - love continues the adventures of his young Skandian sailors as they set out to retrieve an artefact lost on their watch and hence their honour.

John Flanagan writes in a manner that is particularly appealing to me personally. I think it has the invaders brotherband to do with the mixture of classier words and terms and his easy-going style: I suspect if I were to compare this to other average YA novels however that the lexicon would prove more advanced, that the language would prove more sophisticated in its elegant construction than those.

In fact the wonder of this novel is that I know many younger children who can read these novels and still get plenty out of them. It's remarkable to think that the language in this is perhaps far more advanced than The Hunger Games.

Likely only content at this point would separate a ten year old from reading The Hunger Games over this for its simplicity. While heading back they find The invaders brotherband, who tells them about the the invaders brotherband attack.

Hal thinks it may be Zavac so he continues back to Shelter Bay. Wolfwind, led by the Skandian Svengal, finds them but ends up helping them.

The Invaders (Brotherband Chronicles, #2) by John Flanagan

The next day, they begin sailing to Limmat, and when they arrive, they see Zavac's ship. Two main characters almost freeze to death in the water before they're picked up.

The invaders brotherband climactic the invaders brotherband includes many pirates dying via swordplay, arrows, fire, and splinters from exploding wood. Most gore is omitted, except when a Heron shipmate gets an arrow in his side and it has to be removed and bandaged.

There's one fist fight that ends quickly. Sex Some mild jealousy between boys competing for Lydia's attention. Language A misbehaving Heron shipmate is called an "ass" a few times. The other insults are pretty funny, invoking the names of Skandian gods, some of the best being "by Orlog's crossed eyes" and "Gorlog's breath.

The Invaders

Some talk of Thorn's past as an alcoholic, but he's sober for the whole book. They must survive a frigid winter, cross stormy seas and battle deadly pirates. Even with their training and the help of Skandia's greatest warrior they may not make it back alive They spend a few nights sleeping on the boat, the Heronwhile they create the invaders brotherband shelter.


The weather, which was horrible in the first place, worsens for several days. With nothing to do, the brotherband begins to fall apart. Stefan and The invaders brotherband argue about their sleeping spots in the shelter, and Hal ends up making them swap spots.

The Brotherband Chronicles: The Invaders

Hal says the invaders brotherband when they get to the pirate Zavacwho has the Skandians ' most prized artifact, the Andomalin his possession, the crossbow will decimate them. Hal decides to mount the crossbow on the bow of the Heron, and the brotherband names the massive crossbow the Mangler.

They head towards the nearby town of Skegall. Thorn buys a new sheepskin vest because Hal used it for upgrading the Heron, and he points out that Hal now owes him quite a bit of money.