Get this from a library! Kecamatan Sapuran Kabupaten Wonosobo dalam angka.. [Indonesia. Kantor Statistik Kabupaten Wonosobo.;]. forest village that I call Wanasana2 in Wonosobo district, with a specific focus on power relations Wonosobo dalam angka Retrieved October Rutledge culinary controls, your snack very wonosobo dalam angka considerably. the benevolent and alphabetist Christopher cleaned up his implications.


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Immunohistochemistry or IHC methods were used to identify transovarial infection status.

Wonosobo dalam angka 2016

The number of Ae. Based on HI and OI index, the larvae density in the highland was enough high than standard of the program. Transovarial infection was found on Ae. Environment parameters such as temperature and relative humidity fulfilled the optimum wonosobo dalam angka to support the vectors' life cycle.

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Factors responsible for the failure of DHF prevention in Indonesia are scarcity of skilled healthcare units, lack of the development in science and technology, and no standards for vector surveillance system, technical practice, and vector control management. Wonosobo District is mountainous area.

The district large is The land use changed compared to the previous year. There is an increase in the land use by buildings, yards, wonosobo dalam angka, farms, and so on. Thus, it indicates that increased cases of dengue transmission have occurred in this highland region.

In the past, we used to think that topography of Wonosobo and environment parameters such as air and temperature affect the capability of mosquito as the DHF vector.

Kecamatan Sapuran Kabupaten Wonosobo dalam angka. (Journal, magazine, s) []

Massive application of certain insecticide can implicate the increase of vector resistance wonosobo dalam angka that insecticide. Mosquito resistance to the pesticide allows mosquitoes to survive longer and develop its capacity as a vector of dengue.

This research prior wonosobo dalam angka the spot survey in the study location to get the Aedes mosquito strain Highland of Wonosobo District. Mosquitoes in the highland of Wonosobo District are subject of this study.

Kecamatan Sapuran Kabupaten Wonosobo dalam angka.

The mosquitoes were obtained by placing the ovitrap mosquito egg trap wonosobo dalam angka the village with the new DHF case.

The ovitraps were placed indoor and outdoor of 15 houses.


The measured variables in this research are the type of Aedes sp found in the highland area of Wonosobo District, the trapped mosquitoes types, the mosquito density, and the resistance status based on the biochemist and wonosobo dalam angka tests. The microplate was incubated for 10 minutes in the room temperature.


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