Yashodhara Lal is a marketing professional and the mother of three children, apart from being a bestselling author. She graduated from IIM Bangalore in Dyson Pure Cool™ – Advanced Technology air purifiers are now in India! Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India. [email protected] said, "Humour is a survival tactic for women," while talking about her hilariousnew book #HowIBecameAFarmersWife. Yashodhara Lal is a marketing professional, a mother of 3 small children and an author of funny relationship-oriented fiction books set in India. Her first book.


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I pushed my chair back and got up.

Both Papad and Pickle had sneaked in during the night and they lay on yashodhara lal bed, limbs entangled, looking like Siamese twins. It was so much easier to be fond of them when they were asleep. It was amazing to me, how deep they were in slumber, with not a care in the world.

The Farmer's Wife a.k.a Yashodhara Lal

So unlike us poor adults. I stepped out and found the other poor adult already in the drawing room. He was gazing at his laptop. Two steaming mugs of tea lay waiting. The strict yashodhara lal, Brahmin diet that Papaji had followed all his life was sacrosanct.

Papaji felt particularly strongly about yashodhara lal. He had worked in the same job all his life at a University in Jaipur.

He believed it was important to stick to your field, even though he never understood what Vijay and I did professionally.

Either way, our working in an office was certainly better to him than the vagaries of business, which he associated with money-mindedness and, inevitably, cheating. And you have a problem with dogs? Been up for the last three hours.


Since four in the morning? This review is also up on my blog linked here As is fashionable for every star to stay while being interviewed that this is a "hatke" a different film but truly Yashodhara bravely tackles a difficult subject and emerges triumphant.

Unlike her earlier novels - "Sorting out Sid" and " There's something about you", where readers instantly develop an affinity for the protagonist, in Outstandingmust read novel Short review - As the review title suggests, this is an outstanding piece of work and a must read, Yashodhara has out done herself.

Unlike her earlier novels - "Sorting out Sid" and " There's something about you", where readers instantly develop an affinity for the protagonist, in this novel, most men and maybe women may take an instant dislike to Natashathe protagonist, after allsuccessfulforthright bossysingle yashodhara lal who can no longer be called young, do get our backs up.

If you have the patience to read more - I didn't like PG Wodehouse, the person so much, after I read his biography and since then I yashodhara lal wowed never to know much about the authors of the books I like. I don't know a thing about Graham Greene except that he probably converted to Catholic faith later but there is no way to unknow Yashodhara, the wife of a longstanding close friend.

Both her books are written in her trademark humorous style, and have been well-received by Indian readers.

When Love Finds You

By the time I came out of yashodhara lal room ready to leave, Vijay had our lunch packed into dabbas. We are going to a farm, Pickle. I went in to say bye to Papaji too.

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  • Yashodhara Lal (Author of Just Married, Please Excuse)
  • The Farmer's Wife a.k.a Yashodhara Lal
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He was in his chair in front of the TV, with Pawan hovering at the back of the room. Papaji smiled at me, his eyes crinkling yashodhara lal white hair glistening. I asked them why they had to rush and they said it was because they were scared the colony dogs would bite them.

After they calmed down, Peanut started to squirm, saying that she was feeling carsick and really needed to sit next to the window. The twins, who had each claimed a window, took exception to this and a loud argument ensued.