Dueñas Herrero R, Albert Colomer C, Aguado Taberné C, Luque Luque R. Versión española del cuestionario de Yesavage abreviado (GDS). Yesavage JA, Sheikh JI. Luque–Luque R. Versión española del cuestionario de Yesavage abreviado (GDS) para el despistaje de depresión. ESCALA DE DEPRESIÓN GERIÁTRICA YESAVAGE ABREVIADO. Elija la respuesta que mejor describa como se ha sentido la última semana. PREGUNTAS.


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Such articles are especially welcome and should make a significant contribution to the field of psychology and its connections with similar disciplines. The development and background information of yesavage abreviado problema clear description of the objectives of the study.

Título abreviado da revista - Instructions to authors

A clear and descriptive report of the results of the study. The yesavage abreviado, interpretation and discussion of the results in thecontext of other similar or different conceptual or empirical referents.

The presentation of the strengths and weaknesses of the study, as well as a general conclusion. Research articles of a theoretical nature, sometimes referred to as review articles, present the results of completed research in which the results of published or unpublished research are analyzed, organized, and compiled with the intention of setting out clearly the advances and trends in the development of the case, the field of psychology, yesavage abreviado related disciplines.

Systematic reviews, metaanalysis, bibliometric studies are considered in this type of yesavage abreviado, and are required to include a meticulous bibliographical review of at least 50 references.

Brief manuscripts which show partial and original results of research, which require early publication. Manuscripts which contain results of the study of a particular situation with the aim of presenting the technical and methodological experiences considered in a specific case.

These include a systematic yesavage abreviado with observations of literature on comparable cases. The objectives of this descriptive and nonrandomized longitudinal study were to evaluate and to compare the cognitive and affective evolution of day care versus institutionalized older patients through a 1-year period, and to assess the presence of cognitive and affective impairment as a function of the care setting.


Ninety-four patients were assessed at baseline, and 63 Neuropsychological assessment included measures of cognitive performance general cognitive status, visuospatial, and language abilities and affective status depressive symptoms. Our findings indicated that the majority of the participants day care and institutionalized patients had mild—moderate cognitive impairment at baseline, which significantly increased yesavage abreviado both groups after 1-year follow-up.

However, the rate of change in global cognitive function did not significantly differ between groups over time. yesavage abreviado

Título abreviado da revista - Instructions to authors

Regarding language abilities, naming function maintained among day care patients in comparison with institutionalized patients, who showed worse performance at follow-up. As regards to affective status, results revealed that institutionalized patients had a significant reduction in depressive symptoms at follow-up, when compared to day care patients.

Results also highlight the high frequency of cognitive impairment and depressive symptoms regardless of the care setting. Our findings revealed a similar global cognitive decline rate between patients receiving day care services and those residing in a nursing home at the 1-year follow-up, and slightly different trajectories in other outcomes such as naming function and depressive symptoms.

Cognitive impairment has been shown to affect Dementia patients are often placed in a nursing home, usually after using day care services. These day care services, which were originally developed to reduce the caregiver burden, have been shown to be effective in maintaining the cognitive function of dementia yesavage abreviado and in improving their behavioral and psychological symptoms, 5 being considered an alternative to institutionalization or nursing home care.

Título abreviado da revista - Instructions to authors

It has also been demonstrated that utilizing community-based long-term care services earlier in the dementia caregiving career delays time to nursing home placement or institutionalization.

Previous studies have identified the main predictors of institutionalization, including low frequency of socializing with relatives and friends, higher number of psychiatric diagnoses, worse cognitive performance, and increased age.

In this context, longitudinal studies yesavage abreviado provide yesavage abreviado better understanding of the progression from normal aging to the initial stages of dementia, and they can help to draw conclusions about how the care setting influences cognitive and affective functions in older adults.

However, literature on the topic is difficult to compare due to the heterogeneity of care services, populations, and measures.

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Based on previous investigations, we hypothesize that cognitive and affective changes — with time — may differ between day care yesavage abreviado institutionalized groups. The present investigation consisted of a 1-year longitudinal study that aimed to evaluate the characteristics and the cognitive and affective evolution of day yesavage abreviado versus institutionalized older patients.

We were also interested in assessing the presence of cognitive and affective disorders in these groups, and in evaluating the impact of the setting of care day care or nursing home care on the cognitive and affective performance of patients. The complex consists of a day care center and a nursing home.


Core services provided by the yesavage abreviado care yesavage abreviado include small-group training on memory, activities of daily living, reality orientation, and cognitive stimulation. Two hundred and forty-nine patients older than 65 years completed the study, with age of The intraobserver reliability was 0.

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The intraobserver reliability was 0. An under curve area of 0.